Decorated trees and ALL other items for display during the event are a DONATION to the Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees and will be RAFFLED as part of the fundraising efforts of the Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees. This includes Trees, Mini-Trees, and Wreaths and ALL ITEMS ON, AROUND OR BELOW THE TREE or WREATH. The winner of the tree will be entitled to take all such items.

Setup will be on
Tuesday, November 26 from 5 - 9pm
Wednesday, November 27 from Noon to 5pm

The Festival of Trees is held in Sherburne Hall in the Municipal Building
6 Village Green, Pelham, NH -
 Click Here for Directions

Applications will be taken in order of receipt to Pelham Community Spirit. Due to space requirements and local fire codes, there will be a limited number of items submitted to the event. Therefore, not all applications may be accepted. Applications, which are complete and meet the requirements shall be considered on a first come first served basis. You will be notified if your application in not accepted for the event. Once limits are reached, no additional applications shall be accepted.

Refundable Application Fee

A Refundable Application Fee of $25.00 shall be submitted with each tree application submitted to Pelham Community Spirit. The application fee shall be refunded on the dates set forth for Tree Setup. Failure to setup a tree shall result in a forfeiture of the Application Fee and thereafter shall be Non-Refundable.

All items submitted to the event must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Pelham Community Spirit, Inc., included within the Application Form. Signing the Application Form provides acknowledgement that you agree and accept all rules and regulations. Pelham Community Spirit Inc, its’ officers, associates, volunteers and partners are not liable for any and all items submitted for viewing at The Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees event, any personal injury incurred preparing, during or post The Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees Event. Participation in this event indicates you assume FULL liability and responsibility for all products entered and for any persons involved within your project including all preparations before, during, and after the scheduled event.Your tree should have a theme/name for reference in our brochure.

Mail Application with your check (payable to Pelham Community Spirit) to:

Pelham Community Spirit
Festival of Trees
PO Box 1028
Pelham, NH 03076

A complete list of rules and regulations are listed below.


Download Mail-in Application Form

Fill out Online Application Form

If you have any questions, please email us or mail us for more information.

Pelham Community Spirit, Inc.
P. O. Box 1028, Pelham, NH 03076

Rules and Regulations for the Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees

  1. The decorated tree and/or items are a donation to Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. and shall be utilized for the Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees.
  2. The Complete Tree together with all items, which are under or around the tree, shall be given as part of the fund raising efforts of the Pelham Community Spirit, Inc.
  3. Southern NH Festival of Trees Committee shall determine the placement of the trees.
  4. Trees must be artificial per requirements of municipal and N.H. state fire codes and must meet or exceed all fire, hazardous material, UL electrical and safety regulations.
  5. The tree including stand and topper cannot exceed 9 feet in height unless approved by PCS, Inc.
  6. Miniature Trees are Trees 36 inches or smaller in height and a base no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches unless approved by PCS, Inc.
  7. All submitted items should reflect a holiday theme or a theme that reflects your business or personal interest.
  8. The committee has the right to reject any inappropriate themes or items. All judges’ decisions are final.
  9. Trees and wreaths and other items placed with your tree will be considered part of the tree. The winner shall be entitled to take all items. All tree winners announced by the committee are considered final.
  10. If providing a gift certificate or tickets to a performance, etc. within your display, please make a copy of the original and place the copy on your tree. Pelham Community Spirit, Inc. shall hold the originals until a winner is identified.
  11. The following items CANNOT be used for health and safety reasons at the request of the Town of Pelham:
      1. Any unwrapped edible items
      2. Spray adhesives
      3. Glitter
      4. Confetti
      5. Artificial snow
      6. Flammable items left loosely on a tree skirt or on the tree. This includes tossing glitter or snow on an item.

    Glitter-covered ornaments are allowed. However, all ornament preparation must be done BEFORE you come in with your decorations and have had time to sufficient time to dry.

  12. In order to properly preserve natural items, they must be sprayed so they do not disintegrate during the week the tree is on display. Each tree should have a tree skirt, tree topper, and UL Approved low voltage lights.

  13. Trees must have their own base and be placed directly on the floor unless approved by PCS, Inc. The Festival shall provide power drops and extension cords.
  14. The electrical outlets for the trees shall be dropped from the ceiling. All the trees shall be arranged along the center of the space. Please keep in mind that your tree will be seen from all sides.
  15. NO items shall be fixed in any fashion to the walls of Sherburne Hall.
  16. If there is any packaged food under your tree, it shall not have an expiration date any earlier than 12/31/2024.
  17. If you are assembling and decorating your tree from scratch the day of setup, you should plan on allowing 4-6 hours for set up depending on your tree size and decorations. To save time, it is advisable to unpack and fluff out your tree before arriving. Please bring a step stool or ladder, if one is required.
  18. Please be prepared to take any boxes, packaging material, etc. home with you. We have no storage space for any items left behind and they shall be discarded. Kindly leave the box or container the tree came in for the winner of the tree.
  19. Do not plan on leaving anything overnight; you must finish decorating your tree the first day/night you are setting up unless approved by PCS, Inc.
  20. Security is always a concern. Please wire any ornaments or items of value to the tree or tree stand.
  21. No food or drinks will be allowed within Sherburne Hall; refreshments shall be served outside the hall and consumed within the lobby area before entering Sherburne Hall.
  22. No smoking and no alcohol beverages allowed on town property.



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